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Make decisions for a young woman


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All ages

Homebound is an Android game inspired by Reigns, that takes place at the home of a young woman. Start the game, and you'll encounter various cards that you can use to make decisions that will affect your protagonist's life and mood. And best of all, you can do all of that in brief games that last between five and ten minutes.

With Homebound, you can choose different options each time you play. Although you'll sometimes get the same card twice, the decisions you make will change the course of the story. Not only that, but this game has simple gameplay. To make decisions, just tap and drag each card to the left or right.

Make sure to check the three circles at the bottom of the screen, which show the woman's mood. As you make decisions, her level of happiness, energy, and productivity change. Make sure to care for all aspects of her life so her story has a happy ending.

Homebound is a simple game with great visuals and enjoyable soundtrack. Check it out and enjoy quick games with a beginning, middle, and end again and again.